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AmazingClock - how to guarantee the quality?

Staff in Watch Factory

All watch components are manufactured in formal factories, independently draw product blueprint and place orders to manufacturers, watch materials used are completely the same as the genuine.

Workers Assembling

Each watch is assembled and calibrated by professional technical staff.

A Watch Dial

Watch Bezel

All components are 1:1 replicated, which can be interchangeable with the original ones.

AmazingClock - what we will do before shipment?

Waterproof Test of Watch

Make sure each watch has passed through at least 3 waterproofing test before shipment:

1, Soaked in water, initial test.

2, To test the case pressure resistance in 50m underwater simulated environment.

3, Test the whole watch with machine in 50m underwater simulated environment.

Waterproof Testing Close-up


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